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Make an Impact

Make an Impact


The Vision of Image Impact International is to powerfully impact the careers of first-generation college students by preparing them to succeed in the workplace.   Our Non-profit 501(c)(3) Mission is to mentor first-generation students to remain in college. Through our college to career bridge programs, we provide the leadership, communication, and professional skills needed for workplace success.

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Our Program & Initiative Successes Include:


Civility 4 Impact, 2012 – 2018

Civility 4 Impact is an “awareness initiative month” sharing daily messages of motivational and inspirational Civility Quotes, Civility videos regarding 'What civility means to you' and Civility discussions of positivity via social media to engage and inspire thoughtful discussion on incorporating civility back into the workplace and society each May. Serving since 2012 as the Global Sponsor in Chase's Calendar of Events, celebrating our 6th year as part of our core mission. (Chase's Calendar of Event is the Go-To-Media guide for Special Events, Days, and Months.) Three messages have gone viral, and we share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and YouTube. Promotes a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and dialogue to advance civility on campuses today. Creates strong partnerships with Career Services staff to support civility activities for first-generation college students. Annual events include Global Civility Awareness Month each May and a recognition program.

Civility Begins with Me #inspirecivility #globalcivility #civility

Hey, Hey, Hey! Everybody's Talking Civility - Image Impact International #inspirecivility #globalcivility #civilityquotes #civility

"Civility Affects Us All" - Image Impact International #inspirecivility #civility #globalcivility #civilityquotes

"Civility is Best When Shared" - Image Impact International #inspirecivility #globalcivility #civilityquotes #civility

Civility Nurtures Respect - Image Impact International #inspirecivility #civility #globalcivilityawareness

"Civility Strikes Up Conversations" - Image Impact International #inspirecivility #globalcivility #civilityquotes #civility

"Civility Each Day" - Image Impact International #inspirecivility #globalcivility #civilityquotes #civility








Training 4 Impact, 2013 – 2018 

Training 4 Impactis our “train-the-trainer” continuing education program. Image Impact volunteer instructors are required to attend this popular course before they step into a college classroom. Featuring four Image Impact volunteer instructors, this intensive classroom program enables participants to confidently develop curriculum for adult learners and diverse audiences.  The agenda focuses on how to master the diverse roles of a trainer, drive the training process from needs analysis to delivery, create clear learning outcomes, apply creative strategies to learning challenges, and power-up learner engagement.  
Thirty-seven (37) attendees have completed this program to date. It is scheduled next on October 20, 2018 at the Microsoft Store Fifth Avenue, which generously provides in-kind complimentary space.









NYIT Service Learning Projects, 2014

In 2014, Image Impact collaborated with NYIT Career Services to offer service learning opportunities for two undergraduate classes. Student projects for Image Impact included a competitive analysis, branding recommendations, student-led focus groups, and a campus wide survey.

York First Mentoring Pilots, 2015 – 2016

In 2015 and 2016, Image Impact launched two mentoring pilots for sixteen (16) student leaders serving on the executive boards of the chapter at York University. Mentoring was mainly virtual (via phone or Skype). A well-received live presentation to the entire student chapter was also provided by an Image Impact volunteer guest speaker.  These early pilots gave Image Impact the valuable feedback needed to develop our program for CUNY John Jay.

Monroe College, 2017


In June 2017, Image Impact offered three hour complimentary “Branding 4 Impact” and Non-verbal communication training for fourteen (14) college students (primarily first-generation) and career services staff.  This content will be used in the CUNY John Jay pilot program.

Monroe College, 2018

In March 2018, Image Impact provided three hour complimentary “Digital Presence” training for ten (10) college students (mainly first-generation) and career services focusing on virtual interviews and LinkedIn.  This “Virtual Brand” material will be used in the CUNY John Jay pilot program.


Let's #InspireCivility

What Does Civility Mean to U/

Image Image International is the Global Sponsor in Chase's Calendar of Events, celebrating our 6th year as part of our core mission.
(Chase's Calendar of Event is the Go-To-Media guide for Special Events, Days, and Months.)

"Civility Means Kindness.

Kindness to Ourselves, Our Communities and to Our Earth."

- Image Impact International #kindness #civility


Announcing Mentoring Leaders 4 Impact

Mentoring Leaders 4 Impact empowers first-generation college students by providing one-to-one access to a diverse network of mentors and industry professionals. Through mentoring and practical experience in leadership, communication, and professional skills, students gain the support they need to thrive in college and the workplace. This career advancement program features networking opportunities, guest speakers, and a powerful podcast series.

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