Make an Impact

Make an Impact

Make an Impact


The Vision of Image Impact International is to powerfully impact the careers of first-generation college students by preparing them to succeed in the workplace.   Our Non-profit 501(c)(3) Mission is to mentor first-generation students to remain in college. Through our college to career bridge programs, we provide the leadership, communication, and professional skills needed for workplace success.

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Attend Training 4 Impact, Saturday, October 20, 2018 in New York City

Microsoft | 677 Fifth Avenue | New York City
Saturday, October 20, 2018
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

(between 53rd and 54th Streets)
* Meet Outside 2nd Floor Elevator To Go To Event

One Day Training in New York City

Learn from International Trainers with a Wealth of Expertise
Cindy Ann Peterson, B.S., AICI CIC
Elaine Rogers, M.B.A., DTM
Susie Schainost, M.Ed., M.D.S.
Laura Spalter, M.Ed.

This one day hands-on course empowers you to develop and present successful training programs.
Apply dynamic techniques; engage learner styles; create a positive environment for adult learners.

What are the Benefits?
Master different roles that trainers must play.
Drive the process from needs assessment to delivery.
Create clear and achievable learning outcomes.
Discover and apply creative solutions for learning challenges.
Power-up learner engagement with leading edge strategies.

Who should Attend?
Individuals new to developing training programs.
Experienced trainers striving to stay current with the latest training tools.
Individuals charged with leading a training program and have had little or no formal training.

Questions Contact: Elaine Rogers,
Training 4 Impact Chair
516.798.2574 | |

Training 4 Impact, October 20, 2018 in New York City

Let's #InspireCivility

What Does Civility Mean to U/

Image Image International is the Global Sponsor in Chase's Calendar of Events, celebrating our 6th year as part of our core mission.
(Chase's Calendar of Event is the Go-To-Media guide for Special Events, Days, and Months.)
Civility Begins with Me #inspirecivility #globalcivility #civility
Global Civility Awareness
Civility Begins with Me - Image Impact International
#inspirecivility #civilityquotes #globalcivility #civility
Global Civility Awareness
Let Civility Flow Through Conversations - Image Impact International
#inspirecivility #civilityquotes #globalcivility #civility
Global Civility Awareness
Civility Works Together - Image Impact International
#inspirecivility #civilityquotes #globalcivility #civility
"Civility Affects Us All" - Image Impact International #inspirecivility #civility #globalcivility #civilityquotes

Global Civility Awareness
Civility Affects Us All - Image Impact International
#inspirecivility #civilityquotes #globalcivility #civility

"Civility Means Kindness.

Kindness to Ourselves, Our Communities and to Our Earth."

- Image Impact International #kindness #civility


Announcing Mentoring Leaders 4 Impact

Mentoring Leaders 4 Impact empowers first-generation college students by providing one-to-one access to a diverse network of mentors and industry professionals. Through mentoring and practical experience in leadership, communication, and professional skills, students gain the support they need to thrive in college and the workplace. This career advancement program features networking opportunities, guest speakers, and a powerful podcast series.

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