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Make an Impact

Make an Impact


The Vision of Image Impact International is to powerfully impact the careers of first-generation college students by preparing them to succeed in the workplace.   Our Non-profit 501(c)(3) Mission is to mentor first-generation students to remain in college. Through our college to career bridge programs, we provide the leadership, communication, and professional skills needed for workplace success.

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May is Global Civility Awareness Month

Image Impact International is the Global Sponsor of May, Global Civility Awareness Month in Chases's Calendar of Events #inspirecivility #civility #awareness

Let's #InspireCivility

What Does Civility Mean to U/
Please join us in Global Conversations and Share the Civility Message throughout the 31 Days of May!
Image Image International is the Global Sponsor in Chase's Calendar of Events, celebrating our 6th year as part of our core mission.
(Chase's Calendar of Event is the Go-To-Media guide for Special Events, Days, and Months.)
Civility Begins with Me #inspirecivility #globalcivility #civility
Global Civility Awareness
Civility Begins with Me - Image Impact International
#inspirecivility #civilityquotes #globalcivility #civility
Hey, Hey, Hey! Everybody's Talking Civility - Image Impact International #inspirecivility #globalcivility #civilityquotes #civility
Global Civility Awareness
Hey, Hey, Hey! Everybody's Talking Civility - Image Impact International
#inspirecivility #civilityquotes #globalcivility #civility

Announcing Mentoring Leaders 4 Impact

Mentoring Leaders 4 Impact empowers first-generation college students by providing one-to-one access to a diverse network of mentors and industry professionals. Through mentoring and practical experience in leadership, communication, and professional skills, students gain the support they need to thrive in college and the workplace. This career advancement program features networking opportunities, guest speakers, and a powerful podcast series.

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