Celebrating Collective Accomplishments: Volunteer Recognition Award

Volunteering is the gift of time and the outward expression of the heart.

Regina Clark Awarded Image Impact International Volunteer Recognition Award, Feb. 28, 2019, imageimpact.org

Regina Clark Awarded Image Impact International Volunteer Recognition Award, Feb. 28, 2019, imageimpact.org

Image Impact International is proud to collectively celebrate the heart of our organization – our engaged community members.

Contributed by Susie Schainost, VP Education and Cindy Ann Peterson, VP Communications

Together, the members of III whole-heartedly announce, thank and applaud Regina Clark – III’s Human Resources Administrator with the Image Impact International Volunteer Recognition Award!

Since 2017, Regina has been helping III through impactful work in our Human Resources division.

VP Human Resources, Marisol Rosero-Allen, praises Regina’s enormous IT help in setting up emails for everyone and on-boarded all volunteers.

Nominated by HR Recruiter Shikha Gaur, Gaur commends Regina’s success at obtaining all of III’s Volunteers’ onboarding documents, which tremendously enhanced the efficiency of the Human Resources and Image Impact International.

“I have worked with Regina for twenty months and have always found her to be efficient, great with customer service and a positive asset to our III team! 

As a true team player, Regina interviewed prospective volunteer candidates and briefed the Board of Directors on candidates while filling in for the VP of Human Resources. These tasks were outside the scope of her responsibilities as Human Resources Administrator. 

Regina also expedited collaboration with the Information Technology Committee to ensure prompt creation and revision of emails for entering and exiting members, as well as, effectively maintain and distribute our up to date Contact List.

Regina’s dedication and contributions reflect her professionalism and the values that Image Impact International embodies.”

Shikha Gaur, Human Resources Recruiter Image Impact International HR

Image Impact International’s Volunteer Recognition Award

Volunteer Recognition Award - Regina Clark Feb. 28, 2019

Presented by the Board of Directors to
Regina Clark

In recognition of your outstanding and invaluable service
to Image Impact International Human Resources Administrator.
Thanks to volunteers like you, Image Impact International can mentor first generation college students to achieve their dreams. Your selfless dedication, initiative and commitment to customer service and support exemplifies the mission of our organization and its volunteers.

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