TRAINING 4 IMPACT | Launches One-Day Course With Resounding Success | News


by Elaine Rogers, M.B.A., DTM
Training 4 Impact Char
New York/New York

“Enjoyed the training!”

“Loved it!”

“Thank you for making the subject interesting!”

“Love the PowerPoint presentations!”

“All the wonderful ideas to improve my skills!!!”

These are some of the reviews received from the nine participants that attended the Training 4 Impact program on Thursday, December 7, 2017 in New York City.

In other words, the program was a resounding success!

It was a day that included laughter and learning, rosemary, dancing babies, Family Feud, Seinfeld, and selfies.

What made the program successful was a combination of informative topics, innovative presentations, knowledgeable instructors, and an excellent training location. Essentially, the one-day Training 4 Impact program modeled the best practices and latest training techniques. Participants that were new to training gained a strong foundation in critical training skills, and seasoned trainers were introduced to new approaches for delivering powerful training.

The entire program included six essential elements of the training cycle: Adult Learning, Needs Analysis, Learning Outcomes, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Learning Strategies, and Delivery Skills.

Each session not only built on the previous, but also included a variety of innovative learning strategies designed to enhance the training concepts.   It was amazing to watch participants engage in creative, hands-on learning strategies that enhanced training.   For example, a Seinfeld video clearly illustrated Bloom’s Taxonomy, the Evian ‘Dancing Babies’ helped to explain the adult learning theories, and the Family Feud game strengthened Learning Outcomes.

The Training 4 Impact team consisted of five training professionals, each with 30+ years’ experience in the design, development, and delivery of training.   The instructors were President Pamela Judd, VP Communications Cindy Ann Peterson, Training Coordinator Elaine Rogers, VP Education Susie Schainost, and Trainer Laura Spalter. Each trainer brought a wealth of experience and skills that have been developed over years of education and training.

Finally, Training 4 Impact was held in a state-of-the-art facility at the Microsoft Store, located at 677 5th Ave in NYC. This ideal training site allowed us to leverage the latest available technology to facilitate learning and to provide an environment that was conducive to learning. Microsoft provided tablets to each participant, which were used for either note taking or video taping the training delivery presentations. We are grateful to Microsoft for allowing us to use to their space as it enhanced the training and added to the success of the program.

Participants received a wonderfully designed notebook that contained session handouts and had space for taking notes.   Participants also left with the memory of an informative and engaging program. Training 4 Impact’s success is evidence of Image Impact International’s commitment to quality training.

Stay tuned for additional Training 4 Impact programs in the future!

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