Thank you to our volunteers for their part in the 2017 Global Civility Slides

Thank You


Civility 4 Impact

Thank you, Susie Schainost, for the marvelous photos from around the world! Julia Doyle, thank you for sharing them on Instagram! Cindy Ann Peterson, Pamela Judd, Tess Rosinsky and Nick Lehn, thank you for helping make the slides great!

Also, thank you to Image Impact International’s Civility Council members. Hats off to Laura Barclay and Deborah McGrath for sharing in social media! Finally, thank you to all friends and family around the globe.

Please join us and share the slides and videos. Let’s all make an impact with Civility.

Civility 4 Impact
Sponsor of Global Civility Awareness Month, Featured in Chase’s Calendar of Event