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Set Yourself Up for Success – Get an Internship
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Contributor: Cecilia Roberts

How do you decide on a career path?

How do you secure a job right out of college?

How do you find the job of your dreams?

Find out how the summer internship can make all the difference and discover the best internship search sites


Do you wonder what sets successful students apart from the rest?  One of their advantages is using summer vacations wisely by interning. Internships allow successful students to develop well-rounded resumes and to become more confident when joining the workforce. By interning, students develop stronger work ethic, professional etiquette, or technical skills.

How do some students secure jobs right out of college? How do students decide on their career path? How can you learn the methods to get the job of your dreams?

The answer to these questions is internships. Whether you just finished your freshmen year of college, or you’re a recent graduate taking the summer off, it’s never too early or too late to be an intern. Here are five reasons why an internship is so important when you’re a student:

● They can help you decide if the major or industry you’ve chosen is actually what you want to do! Internships provide you with a glimpse of daily workplace life, the culture of an organization, and a practical understanding of specific job functions.

● Internships grow your professional network. The people you meet, work with, and learn from are resources that can contribute to your professional growth. Build and maintain these relationships so that when you need a reference, career advice, or a job, you have someone to help you.

● They build a strong resume and prepare you for success after graduation. Employers consider candidates more highly if they have prior work experience. Internships in a relevant field will set you apart from the competition.

● They make you more confident. Practicing your interview skills and knowing how to conduct yourself in a professional work environment will help you become more comfortable when transitioning to your first job.

● Some internships even pay an hourly rate, which pay as much or even more than a summer retail job. If you can afford to take an internship that gives college credit but does not pay, that’s great! However, if it’s too difficult to accept a full-time unpaid internship, then consider a part-time internship or a volunteer opportunity so that you can continue working part-time.

It may feel intimidating, but just approach the internship process as practice for the real world. Image Impact International is here to help. Here are some great sites that list internship opportunities. If it’s too late for a summer internship, start looking for fall ones now! Pro tip: set up email alerts so the websites can directly send you openings for the types of internships you’re interested in.

● Industrial Engineering Intern, UPS, New York, NY – Click here:

● Corporate Tax Intern, American Airlines, Fort Worth, TX – Click here:

● Graphic Design Internship, Ockupy, Edgewater, NJ – Click here:

● Community Management Intern, Walgreens, New York, NY – Click here:

● Social Media and Online Community Intern, Interior Design Society, High Point, NC – Click here:

● Summer Film Intern, Filmmakers For Tomorrow Foundation (FFTF), Washington, DC – Click here:

● Finance Intern, Audi, Herndon, VA –

● Sports Intern, Sports Management WorldWide (SMWW), Portland, OR –

Download: Find out how the summer internship can make all the difference and discover the best internship search sites