Mentoring 4 Impact Celebration at Microsoft on April 10th

Mentoring 4 Impact John Jay Pilot Program Graduation Celebration

Left to right: Tu-Lien Nguyen, Laura Laria, Pamela Judd, Christine Alvarez, Brad Angevine, and Greg Gershuny

Contributed by: Cindy Ann Peterson, VP Communications

Mentoring 4 Impact Celebration at Microsoft April 10 with John Jay dignitaries, students and iii volunteers

In celebration of our Mentoring 4 Impact pilot program, invitations were sent to students, mentors, instructors, and John Jay staff members.

Molly Pearls, CUNY LEADS

Molly Pearl, CUNY Veteran Student Advisor/ LEADS Job Developer shared insights on the ground-breaking program of Mentoring 4 Impact and thanked Image Impact International for bringing it to John Jay students.

John Jay Dean of Students - Brad Angevine

Michael Sachs, John Jay Dean of Students attended and congratulated the Image Impact team for a terrific pilot program and looks forward to more engagement with our programs in the future.

Marking this milestone event, we offered headshots for students and door prizes of gift cards, professional pens, etc.

Thoughts shared by student Nori Gashi at the event during interviews:

How did you find out about the program?

I found out about the program from Chandrika Surajpal (Student LEADS Support Specialist, Office of Accessibility Services at John Jay College).

He told me to give it a try. So, I gave it a shot and I liked it! I went through the whole program. I learned how to create a resume, I learned to do the 30 second elevator pitch. It was great and it was fun! …Some of the staff helped with LinkedIn and to create a profile, so I can get a good job. …it was very active, I also got to do mock interviews . . . They helped to write it out, to know how I would say it during an interview.

It sounds like to was a very social experience.

It was very hands-on…which I liked. It really helped me learn what to do.

Adding…if Mentoring 4 Impact is around the area, give it a try. If you like it stay or try something else. If you want to learn how to write a good resume and sent to out you should try M4.

Mentoring 4 Impact Celebration Attendees Included:

Tangemur Ahmed
Christine Alvarez
Brad Angevine
Stanley Awobue
Barbara Bookman
Ashley Congrains
Sasha DeSuze
Kiara Esteves
Melvin Garlick
Nora Gashi
Gregory M. Gershuny
Rico-Gaye Grant
Nadia Griffith
Pamela Judd
Les Judd
Laura Laria
Charnette Lewis
Shane Logan
Luna Lovos
Kim Mullaney
Tu-Lien Nguyen
Molly Pearl
Blake Pearsall
Michael Sachs
Marguerite Schneider
Sarah Stern
Joel Stern
Prem Sukhan
Chandrika Surajpal
Joel Valencia
Yinglu Zhang