Meet Our Autumn Featured Volunteer: Claudia Rodriguez

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Meet our Autumn Featured Volunteer: Claudia Rodriguez

Claudia Rodriguez is a junior project manager with international experience in the IT industry. Ms. Rodriguez graduated with Honors from The University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. She kicked off her career at Deloitte Consulting, where she developed custom-made applications for public sector clients. Later, Ms. Rodriguez decided to take on projects that had a direct impact in people’s lives, so she worked in the non-profit sector in Geneva, Switzerland. She managed IT implementations for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders.

Claudia Rodriguez, project manager for Resource Development

Claudia Rodriguez: Project Manager for Resource Development

Ms. Rodriguez now lives in New York and is the lead project manager for a consulting firm that develops IT applications for customers in the UK. Given that now she is not professionally linked to non-profits, she decided to volunteer her time and project management skills at Image Impact International; at the moment, she works as the project manager for Resource Development. Ms. Rodriguez feels a strong connection towards first generation college students as she was once an international student who felt lost, but who managed to successfully navigate academic and career paths. Ms. Rodriguez is currently preparing for the Project Management Professional Certification.

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