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Mentoring 4 Impact is a go for CUNY John Jay Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Semesters and will be piloted at CUNY Guttman Community College beginning in 2019!

Contributed by Cindy Ann Peterson, VP Communications

The United States is facing a college dropout crisis that disproportionately affects first-generation college students. This is largely due to a lack of advice and support, which is one of the reasons Image Impact launched the Mentoring 4 Impact (M4I) program. M4I was successfully piloted in 2018-2019 at CUNY John Jay College, providing mentors and guidance to juniors and seniors who are first-generation students and/or living with disabilities. It is now a go for Mentoring 4 Impact at CUNY John Jay Renewed for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 and will be piloted at CUNY Guttman Community College beginning Fall 2019! CUNY Guttman is a community college near Bryant Park; majors are mainly Liberal Arts, Business and IT.

Sharing our exciting news, after meeting with CUNY LEADS (Linking Employment, Academics, and Disability Services) staff at John Jay and Guttman went beautifully. Brad Angevine, Chair of Mentoring 4 Impact facilitated, prepared the handouts and relayed the pre/post student mentee survey results, which are impressive. Pamela Judd, Image Impact International President relayed info about our new councils while Greg M. Gershuny, VP Development spoke about development; the news is encouraging!

“Just last May 2019, pilot instructor Laura Laria and Pamela Judd first met with LEADS at John Jay to propose the pilot. A year later, what a great and momentous day!” shared Image Impact International President Pamela Judd.

Over 75% of CUNY students are the first in their families to go to college and nearly 400 students are registered with CUNY LEADS (Linking Employment, Academics, and Disability Services). Image Impact International worked in conjunction with CUNY LEADS and John Jay’s Office of Accessibility Services to launch this pilot program in 2019. The Mentoring 4 Impact pilot was made possible through a Focus for Health Foundation Grant.

What is Mentoring 4 Impact (M4I)?

A 12 week certificate program to refine your resume, project a professional image both online and in person, gain job interview experience, strengthen leadership skills, and prepare for job fairs and internships.

Benefits of M4I Include:

    • Confidence
    • Professionalism
    • Leadership
    • Mentorship

Mentors Empower Students

Coming from diverse backgrounds and career fields, our mentors commit for two-semesters. Mentors are trained in disability awareness and mentoring etiquette. Mentoring pairs are coordinated based on student majors and mentor career experience. Mentoring will take place at CUNY John Jay Manhattan and CUNY Guttman campuses.

Image Impact International is working in conjunction with John Jay’s Office of Accessibility Services and CUNY LEADS (Linking Employment, Academics, and Disability Services).

Sincere thanks to all who helped make the CUNY John Jay pilot a great success:

M4I Program benefits include: increased confidence, refined professionalism, leadership skills and mentorship guidance.

We offer special thanks to Mentoring 4 Impact’s pilot program planning committee, workshop instructors, mentors, pilot funding, grant from Focus for Health and iii board of directors.


Pamela Judd, President

Brad Angevine, Chair, Mentoring 4 Impact

Tu-Lien Nguyen, Chief of Staff

Susie Schainost, VP Education

Laura Laria-Roberts


Shelly Evans, Mentor Advisor

Greg Gershuny, Pilot Support

Pamela Judd, Pilot Support

Charnette Lewis, New York Life ENABLE Liaison

Susie Schainost, VP Education

Priscilena Shearon, VP Program Evaluation

Adrienne Simons, Research Director, Survey Support


Chris Alvarez

Brad Angevine

Bernadette Forward, Guest Speaker,

Greg Gershuny

Pamela Judd

Laura Laria-Roberts

Cindy Ann Peterson

Marguerite Schneider

Craig Weitzel

Susie Schainost


Pamela Judd, President

Charnette Lewis, Treasurer

Suzanne Trice, Secretary

Gregory Gershuny, VP Development

Colin Ghira, Audit

Tu-Lien Nguyen, Chief of Staff

Cindy Ann Peterson, VP Communications

Marisol Rosero-Allen, VP Human Resources

Susie Schainost, VP Education

Priscelena Shearon, VP Program Evaluation

Craig Weitzel, Audit


Greg Gershuny, VP Development,

Pamela Judd, President,

The Mentoring 4 Impact program provides a unique and collaborative program with training and mentors for the entire one-year school term, preparing the students for a professional certificate upon completion and professional life skills for their upcoming career search and job fairs. Practical, applicable and beneficial for students, instructors, mentees, and mentors. 


Image Impact International’s mission is to mentor first-generation students, especially those living with disabilities, to remain in college and successfully enter the workforce. Image Impact International is a New York City based organization, established in 2015 as a 501(c 3) non-profit.

Our programs and initiatives include: 

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