Global Civility Awareness Month Makes an Impact to #InspireCivility

Civility begins with You and Me | Global Civility Awareness Month - Image Impact International #CivilityQuote #InspireCivility #Civility4Impact #CivilityNews #news

Civility begins with You and Me | Global Civility Awareness Month
– Image Impact International #CivilityQuote #InspireCivility #Civility4Impact #Civility #News

Contributed By Cindy Ann Peterson

VP Communications Image Impact International

Co-Author of The Power of Civility

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May 2017 was Image Impact International’s 5th year as the global sponsor for Global Civility Awareness Month and featured annually in Chase’s Calendar of Events.

Global Civility Awareness Month, as Featured in Chases Calendar of Events
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As a voice for Global Civility Awareness Month, we seek to change incivility, an affliction that affects us all. In a world where toxic vitriol has become the norm, this is a good time to break that pattern by striving to hold the world to a higher standard of behavior. We accomplish this through civility.

What is civility?

“Civility’s defining characteristic is its ties to city and society. The word is defined from the Latin civitas, which means city and society especially in the sense of civic community,” says author P. M. Forni in his book Choosing Civility: The Twenty Five Rules of Considerate Conduct, published by St. Martin Griffin in 2002.The idea of common courtesy appears to be on a consistent decline.

A general lack of respect for others, as well as a lack of communication skills, are partly to blame for this decline. Even with today’s global “connectedness” via technology, we appear to be forgetting how to communicate in a civil manner with our fellow human beings.

Today, there is an absence of communication skills both at work and in our personal lives. The goal of Image Impact International’s Global Civility Awareness Month is to raise awareness of civil behavior, while encouraging society to make a conscious and permanent change in how we communicate both professionally and personally.

Improved communication skills and civil behavior improves collaboration,  productivity, and physical and mental health.Image Impact International promotes civility by distributing positive civility messages over 31 days.

These messages are intended to encourage people to engage in discussions about the fundamental values of behavior in a civil society. Based upon the research of why we behave the way we do, Charles Duhigg, the author of The Power of Habit, Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, indicates that it takes at least 21 days to solidify change in our lives. Therefore, to achieve civility, we must practice it for at least 21 days.

The first civility message, “Civility Begins with Me,” sets the stage by appropriately addressing where civility must come from. Before expecting civility of others, we must practice civility ourselves. This message is the cornerstone of civility in both thought and deed.

Let’s build a dialogue of understanding. Civility is needed now more than ever. On our tiny planet, we need to better accomplish how we work with each other. Civility means we can agree to disagree, and we need to respect each other’s opinions and respond in a respectful manner.

Get involved, and share your civility with everyone you come across. #InspireCivility #CivilityQuotes #Civility #makeanimpact #31daysofCivility #Civility4Impact #globalcivility

Share, care and make aware. Share your Civility voice everyday.

Civility 4 Impact

Civility Begins With Me

“Civility Begins With Me”
– Image Impact International #CivilityQuote #InspireCivility #CivilityNews

“Aim to make a difference through civility”
Global Civility Awareness Month
– Image Impact International #CivilityQuote #InspireCivility #Civility4Impact #Civility #News