How a Texas farm boy became a leader in improving academic achievement | First Gen Icon | Dr. Frank S. Dávila

Frank Dávila, PhD.

Frank Dávila | First-Generation Icon | How a Texas farm boy became a leader in improving academic achievement.

Contributed by Tess Rosinsky

Before Dr. Frank S. Dávila started helping bi-national migrant students increase academic achievement by improving international coordination using educational technology, he helped his family pick cotton on their Texas farm.

Growing up as one of 8 children in his family, Dávila, along with two of his siblings, were the individuals in his family to complete high school.

In a 2016 article, Dr. Dávila mentions the importance of having teachers who are caring, compassionate, and constructive. In addition to these teachers, Dr. Dávila maintained a school – life balance by playing sports and participating in his church.

Since then, he completed his Ph.D. at the University of Colorado Denver and focused on leadership and mentoring.

He is the coordinator for an 8-state Consortium, and worked as a teacher, university professor, administrator, and school principal. He also has led seminars on inspiring leaders of color, and spoke at the 2016 GlobalMindED conference.

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