End of Year Message from Outgoing President Pamela Judd, June 2019


“It’s all about the students. Nobody does it alone”. – Pamela Judd

Hello Image Impact Community,

As the 2018-19 year comes to an end, I appreciate looking back at our achievements and forward towards the future. Special thanks to the Board of Directors and sincere appreciation to the outgoing Board members who served during this time: Susie Schainost, VP Education, and Cindy Ann Peterson, VP Communications. Our talented all-volunteer team grew Image Impact from a big idea to young adulthood. I am grateful to have worked with an amazing group of people.

During my tenure, I am proud of all that we have accomplished together. Since 2014, Image Impact International has reached 181 college students; 85% were students of color. Here are some of the exciting milestones in our young history:

In 2013-2019, Image Impact International…

· Delivered the Training 4 Impact program to 46 participants under the leadership of Chair Elaine Rogers and VP Education Susie Schainost. This train-the-trainer program enables instructors to confidently develop curriculum for adult learners and diverse audiences.

· Proudly sponsored May’s Global Civility Awareness Month in Chase’s Calendar of Events since 2011, under the leadership of Cindy Ann Peterson and valued support of Susie Schainost. Highlights include 31 days of civility quotes and the May 2019 launch of our first eBook.

In 2014-2015, Image Impact International…

· Collaborated with career services at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) to offer service learning opportunities to 32 students in two undergraduate classes.

In 2015-2016, Image Impact International…

· Developed two mentoring pilots for 16 student leaders at York University and presented a Global Leadership program to 30 students.

· Received our 501(c)(3) non-profit designation on June 5, 2015.

In 2016-2017, Image Impact International…

· Offered half-day Branding 4 Impact training to 14 predominantly first-generation college students and career services staff at Monroe College.

· Launched our website.

In 2017-2018, Image Impact International…

· Received a $5,000 grant from the Focus for Health Foundation to conduct a pilot program for college students with disabilities at a New York Metro Area public college.

· Conducted a half-day Digital Presence program for 10 mostly first-gen students plus career services staff at Monroe College.

· Initiated the strategic planning process, began action steps towards those goals, and held our first Retreat.

In 2018-2019, Image Impact International…

· Launched the Mentoring 4 Impact pilot program for 11 students in CUNY’s Linking Employment, Academics, and Disability Services (LEADS) program and two staff members at CUNY John Jay College.

· Provided Federal Resume and Fraud Examiner training to 66 students at CUNY John Jay.

· Developed and conducted Disability Etiquette training for Mentors and Instructors.

· Approved the formation of the Young Professionals and Advisory Councils.

· Through the generous support of the Focus for Health Foundation, was awarded an additional $5,000 to maintain our Mentoring 4 Impact pilot program at CUNY.

It’s all about the students. Nobody does it alone.

These accomplishments have been a collaborative effort. Appreciation and shout outs to:

· All of our volunteers over the years who have served at the committee, chair, and board levels.

· Barry Segal, Founder of the Focus for Health Foundation whose generous grants made the Mentoring 4 Impact pilot at CUNY John Jay College possible.

· Michael Sachs, Dean of Students at CUNY John Jay, together with LEADS and Accessibility Services staff for the chance make an impact for college students who are living with disabilities.

· Every organization that provided us with invaluable in-kind support, especially the Microsoft Store Fifth Avenue for hosting our programs.

· My husband Les Judd, for his unwavering support, always!

This brings us to the passing of the baton!

Our Board of Directors is thrilled to announce the election of Brad Angevine as Image Impact’s new President for 2019-2021. Brad served as an outstanding Chair of the Mentoring 4 Impact pilot. He brings a wealth of corporate executive and marketing experience to our organization. Looking to the future, we are expanding Mentoring 4 Impact to LEADS students at two campuses, CUNY John Jay and CUNY Guttman Community College. Our entire team remains dedicated to achieving our mission.

To be inspired, get involved and make an impact, reach out to us at volunteer@imageimpact.org.

In service,

Pamela Judd