Celebrating Our 7th Anniversary of Sponsoring May’s Global Civility Awareness Month in Chase’s Calendar of Events

Civility 4 Impact Awareness Month


By Cindy Ann Peterson, VP Communications

Civility 4 Impact is an “awareness initiative month” sharing daily messages of motivational and inspirational Civility Quotes, Civility videos regarding ‘What civility means to you’ and Civility discussions of positivity via social media to engage and inspire thoughtful discussion on incorporating civility back into the workplace and society each May.

Join us is social media during May and engage in the global civility conversation.

Serving since 2012 as the Global Sponsor in Chase’s Calendar of Events, celebrating our 7th year as part of our core mission. (Chase’s Calendar of Event is the Go-To-Media guide for Special Events, Days, and Months.)

Messages have gone viral, and we share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Civility 4 Impact promotes a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and dialogue to advance civility on campuses today. It creates strong partnerships with Career Services staff to support civility activities for first-generation college students. Annual events include Global Civility Awareness Month each May.

Together let’s help to #inspirecivility one conversation at a time.

Join us in the global civility conversation!

Civility Begins with me and you What Does Civility Mean to U

Download our eBook – Global Civility Awareness: Fun Conversation Starters in Celebration of Civility

This eBook will help us keep the conversation going beyond May. Leverage this eBook to engage a school, work, friend, or family group in a Civility conversation any time of year.

Full of an extensive list of talking points, this eBook is sure to spark a healthy discussion around civility.