Empowering First-Generation College Students for Workplace Success

What is the Need?

First-generation college students have an acute dropout rate of 30%. This is 3 times the dropout rate of students whose parents graduated from college, according to How to Help More College Students Graduate (Dynarski 2016)A top reason for their high dropout rate is the lack of advice and support. Navigating a complicated college culture can be difficult and overwhelming. A critical lack of financial resources means it takes first-generation college students longer to graduate; this leads to higher tuition costs and student debt. A Stanford University study found that coached students are more likely to stay in college and graduate. Our Non-profit programs empower first-generation college students to graduate, excel in the workplace, and exceed their career aspirations.


Core Values

Our core values inspire our Vision to powerfully impact the careers of first-generation college students by preparing them to succeed in the workplace. These values shape our volunteer community:

Leadership: We develop future leaders who will achieve a real impact in our society.

Professional Growth through Education: We maximize hiring potential and career-advancement through continuous learning.

Access = Opportunity: We bridge the opportunity gap for workplaces seeking access to committed talent.


The expertise and diversity of our Board of Directors enables our Non-profit 501(c)(3) to make a measurable impact. Meet the people behind Image Impact International.  Get involved and contact us at volunteer@imageimpact.org.