A Note from Outgoing VP Communications, Cindy Ann Peterson

A message from Cindy Ann Peterson, VP Communications:

Reflecting on our time together, it was an honor to have been a small thread in this tapestry that introduced new educational concepts in working together and creating tools for first generation college students to achieve their personal best.

As a founding member of this dynamic non-profit, I had the first-hand opportunity to witness the strength and potential of the human spirit, and what it is able to accomplish when it is galvanized and focused on such a philanthropic endeavor. Moreover, I had the opportunity to learn and grow while helping others learn. I want to offer my sincere thanks to this superbly talented team that is the heart of Image Impact International.

I have seen positive growth with our programs from: 7 years of our Civility 4 Impact initiative and this year the launch of Civility eBook, Branding 4 Impact at Monroe College, Training 4 Impact in both a one day CEU’d and two day program, and the latest program Mentoring 4 Impact at John Jay which incorporates many of the concepts of the disability program. I have had the pleasure to join in the teaching and preparation of T4I and M4I programs, and leading the Civility initiatives and iii Civility Counsel in the early years.

The three dots of our logo signify civility, ability, and possibility. This harkens back to our core, working together, we respect the diversity of all and look to explore future endeavors.

Creativity and development, humor mixed with work = a great experience of giving leaders. As stated in our tagline: Inspire. Involve. Impact. Giving from the heart to III has been my pleasure.

With gratitude for our time together,

Cindy Ann Peterson

Outgoing VP Communications